Saturday, August 10, 2013

A Adventure in Meditation Part 1 . Peace of Mind

Since I started my journey learning about yoga, meditation, and peace of mind I've been trying to learn to silence my mind easier. This is one of my biggest challenges, my wandering mind. I don't know what it is but I cant just stop my minds rambling for more than five minutes. Some times its hard to sleep.(being a night owl makes this not so bad.) Part of it is due to all the chaos and change of the last two years, my brain is still healing from the loss of my mother and the shock of everything changing. But now that I'm in a happy home, surrounded by positive energy, I think its time I learn how to stop the nonsense. My adventure begins by learning how to meditate for at least 20 minutes, in silence, than eventually I want to be able to do it anywhere, for any length of time I feel is needed, like my cat. :)

I've tried relaxing each part of my body starting at my toes and slowly working up, I've tried holding comfortable yoga poses, watching candle flames and even counting. I'm just not getting it for more than five minutes before my mind finds something to think about. I am told it takes practice and patience with myself. I am giving myself a challenge to set aside 10 minutes of silence and alone time. *This is not as easy as it sounds in a home with four people, a cat, and a dog.

The closest I have come to a meditative state is when I'm creating, whether its cutting hair, crocheting, sewing, braiding, ect. Creating things keeps my mind focused for the period of time that the project takes. Yoga also has helped me find quiet, but not completely. I focus all my energy on the breathing and poses it really does clear my mind. Reiki really helped clean my mind too. It was the last time I really felt I meditated quietly. But the goal is to be able to find that silence on my own where ever I am. I will update you what works and what doesn't for me as I journey. Thanks for reading! :D

Im asking, you the reader...

What helps you silence your mind? How do you meditate? or Do you have a hard time too?
Thank you for your time!

<3, Mer


  1. I meditate with sticks and string. When I need to quiet my mind, I pick up my sock yarn blanket. I don't need to think or pay attention when I do it; my hands know how to make the stitches on their own. I am not good at sitting in silence by myself while doing nothing, but I am very good at it if my hands are occupied.

    1. Good idea. :) Crocheting does help me. Like when I'm doing squares, so mindless. I have idle hand syndrome lol. My hands need to be busy. <3


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