Friday, August 2, 2013

August Break Day 02 Circles

I know the theme of the day is Circles, but I had a very square day. My friend Andrea took me to the a very awesome book store in Detroit, John K. King. Four floors of amazingness books! :D They had everything, new, used, loved, collectible, and rare. Every category you could imagine!
So the only circles I saw today were the O's in the name!

Did i mentioned I went to book heaven today? I could sleep here. :) I found the book I was searching for too! Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert.

See my day was fill of rectangles and squares, or we could just call them circles with corners. ;D

Want to join in the picture fun..? go here!
The August Break 2013

If you are in Detroit, I highly suggest you stop at John K King book store! Heres a Link to their website, Poke here!
Do you know of any amazing used bookstores?Please share below I'm always looking for new bookstores to loose myself in.


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