Saturday, August 3, 2013

August Break day 03 - Yellow

I've really fallen in love with the August Break picture challenge. Its reminding me how much I love taking photos. I've learned three, new to me, photo editing and uploading programs, in three days. I am already learning so much and I just started this new adventure! <3

Usually I'm not a fan of the color yellow unless it's in a rainbow. But in the summer I sleep with this amazing quilt that was my mom's. It is mostly yellow on one side. But it's beautiful because it reminds me of my mother. :) It's handmade, one if a kind. :D

Do you have any yellow in your life?

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The August Break 2013


  1. I love that you think it is beautiful because it reminds me of your mom. I sleep under the blanket that covered my mom's bed when she died! Very comforting

  2. That is a very special blanket!
    I have the intense bright pink knitted blanket, they laid on my mom, and she died bundled in. Some one donated to the hospital for breast cancer patients. :) I really dislike the color pink but its a very comforting blanket otherwise. :)


Thank you! :D