Sunday, August 4, 2013

August Break Day 04 - Love

My favorite thing ever. I have so much of it. Im allowed to post 5 pictures.. only 5! <3 

This picture was taken on my 25th birthday, the day she moved away. It represents love because its my Best friend, soul mate, and true love of my life, Heather. Best kiss ever. I don't know what I'd do with out this girl.

 This is love because the dog, Bizket is now gone. The cat Lokii is still snuggling by my side, but we mis our love puppy. <3

 This lil' love is my niece, who is named after me, Mara.

This is my happiness love, kissing in Port Hope, MI. <3

This is my dad's backyard. and why its love, is because I can go there whenever I want, Its a hour drive, and we go for a boat ride, swim , swing on tire swing, or just relax outside. I can JUST BE. and I can bring whoever wants to go!


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The August Break 2013

What are you loves? <3


  1. <3 It makes my heart happy that Mara is on here.

    1. Shes part of my heart. So is Gabriel but i didn't have a good kiss one lol. But i have one of him I love that will get posted.


Thank you! :D