Monday, August 5, 2013

August break Day 05 - Close Up!

This one was fun and I learned a couple new things with my camera. :)

This one is my favorite because I didn't edit the photo at all. I figured out the zoom, and I feel I made this weed look very beautiful. :)

These are my bracelets I never take off, until they fall off. They all have a meaning behind them.

I have always loved the patterns of animal fur. Wood was my subject today.

More weeds made beautiful...

People are usually shocked by my palms. that's too many lines for such a young hand. I think I have just lived many lives. I want to go to a palm reader some day soon, just trying to find a legit one. If you know one, let me know. 
I call my hands the palm readers nightmare. 


There's still time to join in!
The August Break 2013


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    1. Thank you. They have been this line filled my whole life lol. I've been told I must have lived many lives. I'd like to know where I got them. Lol


Thank you! :D