Friday, August 16, 2013

August Break Day 16 - Floral, and a small story..

More beautiful weeds.

Join in!

The August Break 2013

Story time~
Today was very awesome because I hung out with my "wife" Amanda. We talked mostly about how old we are getting, how time flies, and her daughter is starting kindergarten! (we've known each other for 13 years now.. whoa.) She told me some exciting news. I trimmed her hair than we decided to go to a bar and she talked me into something I've NEVER done before. Karaoke. It was awesome! lol I didn't even get nervous and mind you this was once one of biggest fears, singing in front of people. I love singing so this was a issue. So today I leveled up in life! I conquered a small fear. :D I feel very accomplished.

Now on to why Amanda is amazing. First she is Heather's(my soul mate & best friend) sister. Or as she would say, Heather is her sister. :) The last day I spent with my mom, at the hospital dying in front of my eyes, Amanda sat by my side. She helped me function when I couldn't, she tried to to trick me into sleeping and eating for my own good. I was a mess. I was destroyed. she kept the pieces together. She is such a amazing person and I never feel like I will ever be able to repay her for such a amazing task and I'm bad with expressing feelings. So I will shout it to the internet world.  :)

I hope everyone of you has someone like that, that will stand with you when you can't stand. Those are amazing people. Be one of those people for your loved ones if you can. I'm so blessed and lucky to have that kind of love in my life.


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