Thursday, August 8, 2013

For The Love of Clothing....

I didn't plan on writing today, but my best friend Heather really inspired me!
I wanted to share with you a post she wrote about her journey through clothing hoarding, how much laundry its causing her to have, and a great challenge for everyone to join in on!

Click here to read! (If you are a fan of crochet, knitting, or spinning you will love her blog!)

The last two years have been de-cluttering for me. Not only psychical, but mental too *phew* I went from living in a trailer with four people, with their four separate hoards of belongings, than slowly everyone was gone and I was left with a house full of what the four people left behind, which was a ton of furniture and just crap lol. I had so much stuff I didn't need, want, or know what to do with. I was blessed that Heather helped me go through moms things right away, so I wouldn't have to deal with that later on my own. My mom was a paper hoarder, not completely bad, she always had every receipt, every warranty, important document, and picture ever taken in our lives.. lol But I had to go through all that and decide what was important. Oi. Luckily heather was there.
I got rid of a ton of furniture, books, decorations, paper, and just STUFF! but for some reason I cling to my clothing.. Maybe its because I still fit in my clothing from when I was 16.. lol. 

I kinda feel its a crime to just throw away a perfectly good piece of clothing. lol I have two goals: Every six months I try to go through my and clothing and get rid of at least six pieces. But its always so ridiculously hard. I realize I wear the same seven outfits pretty much so I don't need a five drawer dresser and full closet of clothing. lol My roommate Amburr has the same problem. So yesterday we went through out clothing and collected a box and two bags of clothing and donated them to the children's hospital and a church that's housing homeless woman and children. 

My other goal is to have at least half of my craft material bin gone in 6 months! I keep throwing things in there and forgetting they exist. NO MORE! lol I plan to create picture guides of how I turn old clothing into new awesome things! 
I think it is a really good idea to give your self a motivator to remove the clutter. Knowing that people who really need the clothing are going to get it. Its not going to sit in my drawer waiting for the one day I might, maybe, sorta need it. lol. 

Dont forget to check out BunniPhish's challenge! It might help you out! It defiantly inspired me!

Do you have a clutter problem too? What does it consist of? Do you think too many clothes are a bad thing? Tell me your opinions in the comments! Thanks for reading!



  1. I wear the same 2 pairs of jeans, 4 t-shirts and 2 tank tops. Yet I have a full closet. It is ridiculous.

    1. Yep its bad, I've been trying to wear more so i can get rid of less. Lol

  2. I have too many clothes too! And with an invalid husband who now only wears pj pants with a shirt, he has a ton of too many clothes. Add to that two teenage grandchildren and we are exploding clothes around here. Hopefully I will get motivated to do this too!

  3. Haha oh man! I bet. That will be a challenge. Lol you could give your house a one drawer at a month rule.
    I bet your husband has a ton if pj's. My mom had like 5 robes and 7 pajama sets. I use to ask her if she was Hugh Hefner. Lol Always walking around in jammies and a robe when she wasn't working. :)


Thank you! :D