Saturday, August 3, 2013

From Detroit, With Love.

Mark Wahlburg was recently on Jimmy Fallon late night show. As you might know he's in my home town, Detroit, Michigan filming transformer 4. On the show he told Jimmy Fallon that Detroit is not what everyone thinks it is. I was thrilled he said that! Detroit isn't! The art, music, food, entertainment venues and unique people ;D. We have it all. Detroit beautiful and historic. My boyfriend and I explore the city weekly. So i will be posting pictures and stories of the gems of Detroit, showing you the sides I love, and some I don't. maybe I can show you something you didn't expect, or changes your mind a little. I can hope right?

All I ask is before you knock the city because of the bankruptcy, the stories, and are numbers, check the place out. You might fall in like love like I did, but than again I was raised here.
Remember in every city there's areas that aren't good. Detroit does need help., love, and lots of hope. But it's not a lost cause! This is all just my opinion. But It's nice to hear some one in the public's eye, saying positive things about Detroit.

I wish I could personally thank Mark Wahlburg for giving my city a chance. And Michael Bay, thanks for bringing something to Detroit. 



  1. I could totally kiss Mark Wahlburg and Jimmy Fallon for saying good things about home.

    1. Me too! I drove downtown and saw the set they are working on. Little Asia in big Detroit lol. Wish you were here.

  2. Detroit is one city I do not know much about. I have never been there! Thanks for sharing

    1. Thank you for reading! Well I'm glad to hear that I will be able to show you something new. :)


Thank you! :D