Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Yarn falls, wool dread, Hair!

I absolutely love making yarn and wool dreads. I've been obsessed with braiding things in my hair since I was young. string, yarn, beads, feathers, and whatever else I could make stay in my hair. lol The first time saw synthetic dreads I liked them, but they felt so heavy and they didn't look real enough for me. 

I wanted something that I could wear to work (before I became a stylist and could wear my hair however I dreamed.) and would be believable. Something comfortable I could keep in for weeks at a time. Mainly I wanted to change my look with out messing with my real hair. because believe me I've really messed with my real hair bad. Before I went to school for hair, I was changing my hair color every two months almost and straightening it every 2 weeks! Not as bad as I've seen others do to their hair, but I wasn't very nice to my curls. I've since given in and I love my crazy messy curls sooooooo much now! 

The synthetic dreads have improved are getting better now and I see tons of fabulous designs for them now. but they just weren't for me. One day, when I was 18-ish I met a girl who head a head full of yarn. I was entranced. i asked her a million questions than went home and made my first pair of falls....

Eh, not much to them. but I wore them everywhere....

..and so it begin. My friends loved them, so I made many, many, many. lol
(Click on the pictures to enlarge!)

(There are many more that I have lost pictures for, over time..)

Now I feel I've mastered them. I know how to match your hair and make them look like real dreads or give you a totally radical change :D. I feel I've conquered them. So after a couple years of taking a break from creating them I am back at it again, with a small inventory in My Etsy Shop! I would really appreciate it if you took a peek, please! 

I'm really excited and hoping I can get more orders flying in, and create many more. I love making custom hair pieces, I custom them to the persons style and their life style. If you cant wear them to work I make some that go on elastic bands to attach to pig tails, or a pony tail. Or you can keep it simple and braid them in and avoid your hair for weeks (depending on your hair type.) You can wash your hair with them in easily. I have curly, curly dry hair. These were a life saver for festivals where Id be outside and staying the night with out my straighter and closet full of taming products(I'm a hair stylist I have every product for every hair type in my closet. Always prepared, lol)
Check out my hair board on Pinterest for more synthetic, wool, and real dread inspiration!

If you would like me to make you some custom wool/yarn falls feel free to leave a comment below with your email, or just send me a email!
If you have any questions about yarn falls, wool dreads, or hair in general feel free to ask as many questions as you want! 



  1. I love the way the blue and purple dreads worked up! Just gorgeous :)

    1. Thank you!! Me too! They felted very easily. and your yarn spinning trick worked amazing!


Thank you! :D