Wednesday, July 31, 2013

My First Post

I know there is no perfect way to write a first post. I've been stuck on this since my first ideas of blogging came about a month ago. I was hoping this would come easier. I've kept a private journal for 12 years. Serves me very well. :) But I think its time to bring my researching and writing to a new level. 1 up!

I will have a about me page done soon! *sweat* I was so worried about this post getting done I put aside the crazy scribbling notes for the about me page. So check back for that please!

The main goal of this blog is I have a giant list of things to do, see, and learn. Tons of people to meet and learn from. I wanted a place to share and document everything. Hopefully teaching or inspiring you, the reader as well. 

So what should you expect from this blog?
A adventure like you have never been on, since I have a peter pan complex. :) I'm not sure where exactly this will take me, but I have high hopes for it. ;D Hopefully you will stick around too! I can tell you there will be tons of pictures in August Since I am participating in The August Break. You can join at any time and you dont need a blog, instagram and flickr work too! Im using it to give me time to get a feel of blogging, pretty up my blog a little more, and hopefully meet tons of other interesting people!

After the August Break ends, I will start what I set out to do, share links of inspiration, hair how-to's especially for natural curly hair, my journey to natural living, D.I.Y. craft a-longs that I hope you will join in on, and of course some other ramblings of my daily thoughts.

Please feel free to comment, e-mail, or connect with me via any of the links at the top of the side bar.
I love pinning on Pinterest, taking random photos on instagram, and I have a shop on etsy that I should be restocking soon. Please add me to your bloglovin or RSS feed!

Thank you so much for reading!!