Saturday, December 28, 2013

Making 2014 amazing!

I recently received a email from Rachel MacDonald titled  "If you want to set yourself up for an incredible 2014..." it came when I was in the middle if writing out my new years goals. :D
and it inspired me to share rituals I end the year and prepare for the new year ahead!

~A good way to start is getting rid of the negative. Write down everything that is holding you back, made you upset, and even things you beat yourself up over! Stop all of that! Stop letting these things get in your way. Write them down and safely burn them out of your life!

~Now that those are gone, start writing down what you want to do in 2014! Dream big, dream small! Just don't leave the paper blank! Don't leave anything out! It is a whole year, that can be so much time if used wisely.(Read THIS if you don't believe me.) Include even the simple things like "stop and smell the roses more" or "I will read 50 books." Think of how you want the year to end up. Where do you want to be when 2015 happens? Now Don't forget to make it eye catching. Decorate it! and lastly hang it some where you are going to see it every day! I hung mine on the door of the bedroom so I cant leave the room without looking at it. Some of my goals are going back to Paul Mitchell to take the learning leader course, 20 books, visit my best friend Heather in Kentucky at least 3 times, and at least 75% organic meal plan by end of year. These are just a few of the full page I made! 

~Lastly remember the good times and the bad of 2013. Write it all out! get it out of you. Make a scrap book out of it! Full of pictures, doodles, mementos, anything 2013 left you with. Especially include things you learned and things you are thankful for. When you are older you will really appreciate that you did this.

Make sure to check out Rachel's blog and sign up for her email subscription! Tell me about your new years rituals in the comments! Remember this is going to be a amazing year full of adventures, growing and learning, so don't let anything stand in your way. 
Everything's going to be alright. :D


Monday, December 16, 2013

Things I Love - Top 6 Blogs

These are 6 blogs I read as soon as I see a new post! I want to share them with you so maybe they can help you like they have helped and inspired me.

The Freedom Experiment This one started it all for me, Marthe is a life couch and motivational writer. She inspires me deeply with every post and they always seem to come at the right time. Love her and I haven't met her yet, but I will soon, I won free coaching with her! 
Favorite saving me post right now: How to prevent the Winter Blues and Be your Own Light
But this post 55 gentle ways to take care of yourself when you’re busy busy busy and this one 59 Awesome FREE things to do to Feel Amazingly Alive should easily make you fall in love with her like I did and follow her blog. :)
Such a beautiful soul! Glad I found her.

The Glowing Balance  Merja has taught me so much about living more naturally beautiful and balanced life. She has many post about creativity, soul searching, healthy clean eating, art and is packed full of beautiful pictures. I highly suggest you check her out!
and since I'm a natural hair guru in training, this post; Love your hair - why you should correct your inner eco system and switch to chemical free products?inspired me to re think my hair care! 

The Girl Who Knows Stephanie is inspiring muti-talented entrepreneur who teaches you to just go for your happiness! Shes just as inspiring as the other two ladies but in her own way. 
My favorite post from her are the Miacellany For Your Weekend
This post was very inspiring too: Searching for purpose. Searching for meaning.

Herbs and Oils World has taught me most of my D.I.Y., natural, organic, and healthy recipes. Every week they send you a list of at least five links to better health! I highly suggest subscribing to this because there so many wonderful ideas and ways to switch to a more healthy life style!
Some good links: 
A little of everything to get inspired!

BunniPhish Crafts and lastly my favorite blog, which is more of a podcast, my best friend Hunni Bunni. She has taught me almost as much as my mother. Honestly shes what keeps my world going round. :D She is almost always willing to share and teach what she knows with almost anyone. Which consists of how to make amazing knitted socks and raise cool kids. There are some recipes and book reviews too! If you use you should defiantly be checking her out. :) And if you love yarn and wool as much as I do, you will love her podcast.

Pretty please check out all these blogs, they have all truely healed, taught, and saved me in some way. Enjoy. :)
What are your favorite blogs? 


My Routine - How I appreciate myself daily

I read this today and was reminded how important routine has been to me in the last year. It has helped keep balanced in my very random life, making sure I take time out to take care of myself and push towards better health and a better chance at a cancer free future. This is something that will always be a work in progress.
I'm hoping by sharing this it will keep me focused on my adventures of getting healthier mentally and psychically. Maybe it can even inspire some of you! Even better, hopefully you can inspire me by posting your daily, weekly, or even monthly ways you love yourselves in the comments!

-I take my time getting up. I don't just jump out of bed. So depending on what I have planned for the day, I almost always give myself a extra hour. I like to take my time in the morning. Enjoy waking up, not dreading jumping out of bed onto a cold floor.

- I always start with a quick protein filled breakfast. My favorites are greek yogurt, protein drink, small spinach and tomato omelets, or smoothie. 

-Drink more water - This has been a struggle for the last year, but the plan is to start with 2 full glasses of water in my fancy new dollar store cup! hopefully be up to 3 glasses in a month.
To help with the drinking more water goal I make it flavored. In winter I drink hot tea. Green tea is my favorite because its cleansing and tasty. In summer I make cold tea. Green and raspberry tea are my favorite.

-Than its 30+ minutes of my personal yoga routine. I custom made myself a routine that would help stretch all of me, but especially get the really tense areas, over worked areas. I highly suggest yoga. This is my favorite part of the day. I feel like I'm really loving and taking care of myself. It took me a while to really figure out what I was even doing. I went to classes. But none were really touched on what I felt I wanted out of yoga. The few one on one sessions I took helped the most, because it was focused on my peace and healing. So I decided to custom make myself a yoga routine for every day and I've been in love with yoga ever since. Thank you Pinterest! It's relaxing but I make sure it also pushes me farther. My balance has improved tremendously, it has strengthened my arms and wrist, my body is more relaxed and I get to keep my cute figure. "Regular exercise appears to lower breast cancer risk by about 10 to 20 percent" - from the Komen Breast Cancer site. :) 
If you want help with or ideas for your at home yoga routine, I'm not a trained professional (yet,) but I've helped others and I love researching and learning about yoga. It was so much fun making mine! Message me or leave a comment!

-Followed by 15 minutes of meditation, silence and peace. I'm still very new and struggling at this but I see and feel a small difference in my day. I think everyone needs a mental break. Shut everything out and just be. Just breathe. 
Here is my favorite mediation routine. (found this on Pinterest!)
I am a mountain and my thoughts are clouds. 

The day continues..

-So I don't get over whelmed I usually put together to-do list of the day ahead. I promise these help when you need to get things done and  feel like you have to much to do! Write it all down and start working on it so you can cross things off! Its the simple things like crossing out a task, that can make us feel accomplished.

-I attempt to get as much sun as possible. In the summer this is easy.. I do my yoga outside, I hula hoop or go for walks.. I find many excuses to get sun. In the winter this is much harder, especially on over cast days, or days you work all morning. :( these days I set up my yoga mat by a window with light coming in, Take a short walk or just sit and read by the light of the window. 

-If I didn't have a Smoothie for breakfast I usually have one for lunch. I pack it full of healthy fruits and veggies. Good pick me up mid day. My favorite easy kick starter one is bananas, raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, kiwi, spinach, milk, honey, and greek yogurt. One of these smoothies a day ensures I am getting my fruit serving in, plus they taste amazing!

-I try to always fit in a hour of reading but usually I go over. :) Whether it's reading a book, a articles, or blog. I read something every day. I love to read articles and books about things I know nothing about. Keeps your mind flowing. :) 
Always feel free to recommend me something new to read! Blogs, books, anything!

-Which also goes with learning something new everyday. I love learning. I think its important to learn one new thing a day if you can. I'm not saying learn quantum physics in a day(but you could get started ;D), learn about a new place or a new hobby. Keep life interesting!

-I block out at least a hour for writing. Like I am doing right now! I keep a note book near me at all times. I believe it's very important to write in any form every day! Lay out your true feeling on paper, write about your dreams. Poems, blogs, stories, lyrics, journal.. Just write!!
*Journal page doodle!

- When I have extra time in the day, I Go through my Pinterest and look for inspiration. I try to create something new. Whether it's upcycling old things, creating new tasty meal, or a new way to store something. If you can do this once a week or month that is still good for your soul. Pinterest has so many tutorials and ideas, there has to be something you always wanted to try. Check out my Creating/DIY Pinterest board HERE for more ideas!

-I always squeeze in time to listen to my favorite music everyday. It's healing for the heart. It can really set the mood or even change the mood for you. I love music. It's always been there for me. Every bad day, every yoga session, every road trip. :) I have my Spotify starred list! If you don't have Spotify, check it out HERE! I love it! It helps you find new music so easily.

-Everyone needs to eat more greens daily! My favorites are steamed broccoli and super peas, grilled cheese with avocado slices, or more spinach in my salad. Its become very important to me to lessen my chances of getting cancer since I am at high risk. Greens are a great way to do that and energizes you, high in vitamins, and boosts your immune system! Lots of bonus'!

-There is always time to snuggle with the animals! MAKE TIME! Never fails to make me feel better about my day!     *Even durning yoga!

Night time!
-Pamper my whole bodyIn winter I use my home made lip scrub - which contains honey, coconut oil, sugar, and peppermint essential oil. Leaves my lips feeling super soft and smooth. I also have a home made lip balm. Which is made of grape seed oil, coconut oil, 100% organic beeswax, and vitamin E oil. Both were inspired by reading many many other peoples recipes! I love the DIY organic revolution going on! So many great ideas and recipes out there! If you want to know more about the scrub or balm I made, or have inspiration for even better lip treatments, please leave a comment! 

Massage scalp because it ain't easy being curly headed! ;)
In the winter my skin is dryer, so I use more lotion. My less expensive favorite alternative (since my favorite lotion addiction is Body Shop's strawberry body butter,) is 100% coconut oil. My favorite spa like thing to do is use it on my legs and feet, than put on thick knee high socks to keep the oil locked in. This heals my dry skin and makes my legs and feet so soft and smooth.

-I like to end my day by writing it all out. Some times I write down what's troubling me so I can get it out of my head which helps sleep come easier. I also write about thing things that made me happy during the day and the things I'm thankful for. I have been thinking about starting a gratitude journal, but I'm not sure how I want to do it or where to start. If you have a gratitude journal please share your ideas. :)

I am not to saying you should do all these things every day, these are just my ideas for a better day and a better future. :) My routine is ever changing depending on the season, mood, and what the day brings. And I don't punish myself when I don't do everything I intended, I just push harder to fit it in the next day or two. Hope I could inspire you to start a routine or add something new to your day!

Whats your routine? How do you love yourself daily? Or tell me about the routine you are working on!


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Love yourself truly, you deserve it.

I think it should be required that everyone has a list of things that make themselves happy. :D

Here's a list of how I love myself:

*Go Barefoot! This is my favorite thing to do. I can't tell you how good it feels when my feet feel grass, sand, or water under them. Dig your toes in a little, wiggle them around. Find your balance and just stand still. Its very grounding, which is healthy to do at least once a day. Its freeing, don't you think your toes deserve a good stretch and some fresh air? Come on go do it, stand barefoot in the grass for even just a minute.

*Yoga in your own yard. I have been doing this since it became warm outside. It goes hand and hand with the barefoot thing. It feels so much more amazing to do yoga in the sun, fresh air, and peace of outside noises. (even though i live right by two major highways, traffic is a peaceful noise to me.) Really breathe in as you stretch it out.

*Snuggle a pet. I'm not saying go to the zoo climb in the cage and cuddle up to a lion, although I wish I could. Go cuddle your dog, cat, rat, bunny, snake or whatever you have.. And if you don't have one of those. Well go snuggle a friends pet. I babysit 2 puppy pit bulls, a couple times a week. The are my second loves. :) You deserve the unconditional love a animal can give.

*Write yourself a list of why you are amazing. You know of you are, don't lie to yourself. ;) I know you are amazing! What is it that people always compliment you on?

*DANCE! Dance around like no ones watching. Just dance.. Move! (personally I go with belly dancing) my personal favorite place to dance is in the rain.

*Listen to your favorite music. Don't do anything else. Just listen. Belt the lyrics out if you need to. Just be fully engulfed by your favorite sounds.

*Go to your favorite restaurant and pig out or you can even do it at home. Now don't try this everyday, you'll be broke and 100 lbs heavier and you will be mad at me. lol Don't deny yourself a amazing meal. Just eat. Taste your food, enjoy it!

*Take a long bath. Put some music with no lyrics on, lavender oil and vanilla bath salts are favorite mix for the tub. You'll be relaxed,  clean and smiling in no time.

*Call your best best friend and vent out whats keeping you from loving yourself, I bet they will give you some spectacular reasons! Make sure to return the favor!

*Don't get out of bed today! Lol. This ones amazing. I think once in a while you need to refuse to leave the bed, and your pajamas, collect everything you'll need for the day into your bedroom. No obligations, just blankets and pillows!

*Now do the opposite, - Get all dolled up for no reason! Makeup, jewelry and a cute dress. Get beautiful for you and no one else! Put on that dress you never wear because its too fancy and strut around in it. Give yourself a fancy new hair-do! Playing dress up made you happy as a kid, why can't it now.

*Get crafty and make something special for yourself. Presents for yourself are always awesome and well deserved.

*Most important, give yourself a break! You deserve it. Some down time, alone time to thank yourself for working so hard. Do nothing, lay around, close your eyes. be at peace with yourself. Take a break from thinking and doing. Just be! Don't forget you deserve a break.

I don't know if any of these will work for you. But they are what I do to lift myself out of those ruts I get myself stuck in. Really these should all be done at least once a week. Don't forget to appreciate yourself daily! Its good for your health!


Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Live More - Day 1 - Buy Fresh Flowers

Day #1
Tuesday, 9/3:  Buy Fresh Flowers
At first glance this may seem simple enough, but don't underestimate how easy it is to push this off. I have this as your first challenge because buying ourselves flowers is a a great way of saying "I'm fabulous, I work hard, I'm beautiful, I deserve this." Don't wait till tomorrow, go buy yourself some flowers today.

Lime green flowers to make my smile all day!

I encourage you to join in!
go here: to sign up, you won't regret it!


Monday, September 2, 2013

September Challenge! Join in!

Tomorrow I will be starting the Live More Weigh less 28 Day Challenge. Which has nothing to do with my weight for me, but a very awesome happiness challenge and I really encourage you all to join in! There are no weekend challenges, and she sends a list weekly so you aren't getting bombarded with emails every day. :) I've been reading Sarah Jenk's blog for a couple months now, she focus' on the weigh issue, teaches you ways to love yourself, and is very motivating. A very beautiful soul. I really encourage you go check out the challenge and her blog

Will you join in?


Things I've Learned From My Cat...

This Is Loki! The love of my life. He's taught me So much, here's a few things..


Zen is possible anywhere. Even the kitchen floor.

Downward dog and cobra yoga poses are necessary to do after waking up, entering a new room, or to just show off. (and very hard to catch on camera)

Take naps when you need them, even if that's every 20 minutes. 

Meditate frequently to zone out the everyday noise.

Wear what makes you feel good in your own fur! Don't worry about the nay sayers!

Snuggle with your best friend, significant other, spouse  or children as much as possible! Just snuggle!

Not every battle is worth fighting, some times you gotta hide under the bed/ In the bed. 

Sleeping on your back, stretched out, and taking up as much space as you can is very comfortable.

Can't we all just get along?

Find a great secret spot, alone time is a necessity!

Be amused easily.

Always be observing and learning. (Even when the humans are sleeping..)

What have your pets taught you?

Mer & Loki

I can be anything I want...

Professionally I'm a hair crafter,
I've always been a dreamer and writer..,
A couple times a week I'm a obsessive crocheter and yarn connoisseur,
Other days I'm a clay sculptor,
Some times I'm a seamstress,
Always a artist of many mediums.

Usually the best finder of lost things.
For two months out of the year I am a haunter.
I am close to crazy cat lady status. 
I recently became a dog sitter and pit bull supporter.
My beautiful garden taught me how to be a gardener.
I can be a cook when I put my heart in it.
Some days I read enough to be a student,
When I share all I know, I become a teacher.
I create laughter like a comedian.
I will always be a kid at heart.

But my most favorite thing that I get to be is happy. :)

You can be anything you want to! I'd love to hear about who you become daily!


Monday, August 26, 2013

Keeping Wonder Alive #2

+We have a new family member, which means another model for me to practice my photography on. Expect to see much more of this little guys.
This is Rufus, hes 6 weeks old and is a silver black pure lab.

+Second happiness is Sinister Haunted House is built!! and now the fun part, decorating!! Not many other haunted houses can say their actors build from the ground up and decorate their own haunt. We are really dedicated. :D My room is almost done and Im so happy opening day is almost here! 
+Also this has given me the the excuse to reconstruct some thrift store clothing and buy wool for new dreads! 

Rules and buttons for my Keeping Wonder Alive Challenge can be found at the bottom of *This Post*
 photo keepingwonderalivebutton2_zps63612904.jpg

How was your Monday? Did you find any wonder over the weekend?