About The Adventure

Hello Amazing beautiful person,
Thanks for stopping by my page and and giving me a chance to entertain your eyes. My name is MariLee. I hope to make you smile before you leave my blog! 

Here's some facts about me so you know what you are in for.(bolded words are subjects I will be blogging about randomly) :D

+My friends call me Mer.
+I like to make up words since the English language did not supply me with good enough descriptive words and is very good at throwing curve balls at me. :) I promise to always give a definition when I do use one.
+I'm a Aries(I studied astrology), 5'2, half leprechaun(my dad is 100% irish) and I live in Detroit, Michigan. With my boyfriend, my fat cat Loki Monsters. I will probably be writing about Detroit a lot, its very misunderstood and in need of great help. 
The boy and me. <3

+I'm a licensed cosmetologist who graduated from Paul Mitchell the school Michigan. I plan to go back to Paul Mitchell to take the learning leader course and hopefully teach at the school that helped, inspired, and pushed me to be where I am now. It was definitely one of the best experiences I've had so far. If you ever wonder about what cosmetology school to go to I can give you a huge list of reasons to go to Paul Mitchell! Need your hairs did: Click Here you dont need to be local to Detroit, MI since I dream of doing hair all over the world. <3
+My specialties are cutting, braiding, dreadlocks and yarn extensions. I'm all about natural hair seeing as I have a head of crazy curls. I struggled with my hair forever. I tried everything to tame these curls. Now I know what works best and would love to share all my tips and tricks with you!
+I am on a quest to not get cancer. I will be focusing alot of more organic ways to clean, cook, and just exist. I've cut out so many chemicals so far and I'd love to teach other how! 
+I am a nerd. I nerd out a lot. I can admit I have table top role played.
+Im a thrift store junkie. I love to remake old things into new.
+I am a Haunter (Actor who scares the bejeezus out of you at a haunted house!) Its one of my passions. Nothing is a better tension, stress, bad day reliever more than Haunting! I'm very good at creating characters for this. I'm hoping to learn how to make more natural prosthetics and theatrical makeup. 
+If it weren't for yoga and hula hooping I honestly wouldn't exercise. :P But seriously, I love hula hooping and hope to teach hula hooping exercise classes one day. Everyone should pick up a hula hoop you wont regret it!
+I  absolutely LOVE eating the food from my garden I am on a hardcore mission to eat healthy and minimize the chemicals I put in and on my body. You will see a lot of information on natural, healthier living.
+Music has always kept me moving. I listen to a little bit of everything, but mostly 90's alternative rock. I love going local shows. Support your local music!!! once a week I will share a song I love, feel free to message me bands to listen to! I absolutely love discovering new music!
+I would love if everyone would do one selfless act a day or even a week, or a month. Find a way to make one person smile, even if its a anonymous love note. Love is contagious. Spread it please!
+I "work" at a dog day care that specializes in working with dogs who are reactive, scared, or have other temperament issues. I hope to run a animal sanctuary one day. One of my biggest heros is Tia from Pitbulls and Parolees. 
+I am a 'Google queen' ask me something, I'll find it on google, 
+I live in jeans, I cut my own hair( Yes, even hair stylist do it, just when we mess it up we play it off or fix it ourselves), and the only make up I wear is liquid eyeliner.
+Halloween is my Christmas.
+I'm a night owl.
+Toads are my power animal. lol 
+I never picked up the cigarette habit and I don't drink alcohol. I find it hilarious when people say; "you don't drink?" Never needed the expensive useless habit. I have other escapes and I have enough addictions. lol (listed below)
+Writing has been the best medicine since my mom died from stage 4 breast cancer September 9, 2011. She was a amazing person, who let any of my friends sleep on the couch and feed them when they needed it. lol What I mean is she had a HUGE heart, she loved to make everyone smile. She is very missed every day, but I know she's happy because she can really watch over me now. </3

I have some addictions I should warn you of.. :D
Healthy Living - I talk to much about what essential oils to use for pretty much any problem I am confronted with. I have a oils Bible. Lol i want to teach the world how to be healthy with the help of food and oil
Crafting - I have so much crafting material and not enough finished projects to show for it. my stash includes yarn, clay, beads, wire, shells, feathers, acrylics paint, thread, scraps of fabric, and old t-shirts to makeover. This blog is gonna help me accomplish a lot more weekly as I show you step by step projects!
Pinterest - I pin alot.. so check out my Pinterest to see where my brains headed!

This blog was created to push me towards my crazy, amazing, unique journey, to continue to create beautiful moments and things, to meet amazing people in the process, and hopefully inspire you while you inspire me! <3


  1. I am looking forward to visiting as you take this journey into the blogging world

    1. Thank you for commenting and checking out my "baby" blog. :) I'm very excited about this journey. Already learning how much I love taking pictures for it. lol


Thank you! :D