Saturday, August 24, 2013

Keeping Wonder Alive

The grass is not always greener on the other side, sometimes your grass just needs more water. We all need to be reminded from time to time, to stop and look at what we have a little more. Stop complaining so much about what we don't have or why what we have isn't perfect. Truly appreciate what we are given every day. I mean look at what you are doing right now, you are clicks and key strokes away from creating a relationship with some one on the other side of the world! You are most likely sitting under a roof, and if not you are outside on a lab top or phone right now. So no matter what you should at least have something right there to be thankful for. :) All I'm trying to say is it is a great feeling when instead of wanting, you realize how much you already have and can be thankful for it. I think its a habit that should be implemented into your daily life. 
(Finding beauty in weeds.)

I have always had a challenge for my self to find the beauty in things others don't. I some how managed to keep some of my childhood wonder. I call it 'Peter Pan complex'. But from time to time I forget to be thankful for this view. Especially on days I miss my mom, I need to remember what I do have to keep me smiling! 

I decided to create a challenge for it! At the very least three times a week I will post what I am thankful for, made me smile, filled me with wonder, or just plain made me happy! :) 

The inspiration came from when I was doing a reiki study at Shanti Time Yoga. I had about 6 reiki sessions and was asked to keep a journal during  The last question of the journal asked "What was the joy or hope of your day?" I loved this question. It always gave me a reason to remember and smile every day. The reiki and journaling helped me get over some fears and built up tension I was holding onto. I tried to continue writing down the happiness of my day in my calender but have failed at keeping up with it.

Than yesterday I read a article at Money saving mom's blog, which lead me to this post: How I'm Learning to Replace Whining With Gratitude by Crystal from Money Saving Mom. Which brought back the idea of writing down my daily happiness. :D

So today I am officially starting the "Keep Wonder Alive" challenge. Feel free to join in if you'd like!! 
Rules are simple
+When you have time, write, draw, or take a picture of what made you smile that day. 
+Post it in your blog, twitter, flickr, facebook, instagram, or however you share your love with the world. 
+If you want link back to me and leave me a message in the comments with a link to your blog, please do! 
+There is no end date to this challenge. Do it for as long as you want, when you want, how you want! 
+And most important just enjoy your unique adventure. 

Here are the buttons, if you would like one!

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Things that made me happy today... 

My boyfriend actually going in Joann Fabric's, with me. Patiently waiting as I touch and awed over almost every skein of yarn.. (I have a yarn addiction...) That's real love, when you are dating a car guy. lol 
I did the hair for a client, who was standing up in her mom's wedding today. So her hair was very important. I was very nervous, but in the end she said she loved it! 

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