Monday, September 2, 2013

I can be anything I want...

Professionally I'm a hair crafter,
I've always been a dreamer and writer..,
A couple times a week I'm a obsessive crocheter and yarn connoisseur,
Other days I'm a clay sculptor,
Some times I'm a seamstress,
Always a artist of many mediums.

Usually the best finder of lost things.
For two months out of the year I am a haunter.
I am close to crazy cat lady status. 
I recently became a dog sitter and pit bull supporter.
My beautiful garden taught me how to be a gardener.
I can be a cook when I put my heart in it.
Some days I read enough to be a student,
When I share all I know, I become a teacher.
I create laughter like a comedian.
I will always be a kid at heart.

But my most favorite thing that I get to be is happy. :)

You can be anything you want to! I'd love to hear about who you become daily!



Thank you! :D