Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Love yourself truly, you deserve it.

I think it should be required that everyone has a list of things that make themselves happy. :D

Here's a list of how I love myself:

*Go Barefoot! This is my favorite thing to do. I can't tell you how good it feels when my feet feel grass, sand, or water under them. Dig your toes in a little, wiggle them around. Find your balance and just stand still. Its very grounding, which is healthy to do at least once a day. Its freeing, don't you think your toes deserve a good stretch and some fresh air? Come on go do it, stand barefoot in the grass for even just a minute.

*Yoga in your own yard. I have been doing this since it became warm outside. It goes hand and hand with the barefoot thing. It feels so much more amazing to do yoga in the sun, fresh air, and peace of outside noises. (even though i live right by two major highways, traffic is a peaceful noise to me.) Really breathe in as you stretch it out.

*Snuggle a pet. I'm not saying go to the zoo climb in the cage and cuddle up to a lion, although I wish I could. Go cuddle your dog, cat, rat, bunny, snake or whatever you have.. And if you don't have one of those. Well go snuggle a friends pet. I babysit 2 puppy pit bulls, a couple times a week. The are my second loves. :) You deserve the unconditional love a animal can give.

*Write yourself a list of why you are amazing. You know of you are, don't lie to yourself. ;) I know you are amazing! What is it that people always compliment you on?

*DANCE! Dance around like no ones watching. Just dance.. Move! (personally I go with belly dancing) my personal favorite place to dance is in the rain.

*Listen to your favorite music. Don't do anything else. Just listen. Belt the lyrics out if you need to. Just be fully engulfed by your favorite sounds.

*Go to your favorite restaurant and pig out or you can even do it at home. Now don't try this everyday, you'll be broke and 100 lbs heavier and you will be mad at me. lol Don't deny yourself a amazing meal. Just eat. Taste your food, enjoy it!

*Take a long bath. Put some music with no lyrics on, lavender oil and vanilla bath salts are favorite mix for the tub. You'll be relaxed,  clean and smiling in no time.

*Call your best best friend and vent out whats keeping you from loving yourself, I bet they will give you some spectacular reasons! Make sure to return the favor!

*Don't get out of bed today! Lol. This ones amazing. I think once in a while you need to refuse to leave the bed, and your pajamas, collect everything you'll need for the day into your bedroom. No obligations, just blankets and pillows!

*Now do the opposite, - Get all dolled up for no reason! Makeup, jewelry and a cute dress. Get beautiful for you and no one else! Put on that dress you never wear because its too fancy and strut around in it. Give yourself a fancy new hair-do! Playing dress up made you happy as a kid, why can't it now.

*Get crafty and make something special for yourself. Presents for yourself are always awesome and well deserved.

*Most important, give yourself a break! You deserve it. Some down time, alone time to thank yourself for working so hard. Do nothing, lay around, close your eyes. be at peace with yourself. Take a break from thinking and doing. Just be! Don't forget you deserve a break.

I don't know if any of these will work for you. But they are what I do to lift myself out of those ruts I get myself stuck in. Really these should all be done at least once a week. Don't forget to appreciate yourself daily! Its good for your health!


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