Saturday, December 28, 2013

Making 2014 amazing!

I recently received a email from Rachel MacDonald titled  "If you want to set yourself up for an incredible 2014..." it came when I was in the middle if writing out my new years goals. :D
and it inspired me to share rituals I end the year and prepare for the new year ahead!

~A good way to start is getting rid of the negative. Write down everything that is holding you back, made you upset, and even things you beat yourself up over! Stop all of that! Stop letting these things get in your way. Write them down and safely burn them out of your life!

~Now that those are gone, start writing down what you want to do in 2014! Dream big, dream small! Just don't leave the paper blank! Don't leave anything out! It is a whole year, that can be so much time if used wisely.(Read THIS if you don't believe me.) Include even the simple things like "stop and smell the roses more" or "I will read 50 books." Think of how you want the year to end up. Where do you want to be when 2015 happens? Now Don't forget to make it eye catching. Decorate it! and lastly hang it some where you are going to see it every day! I hung mine on the door of the bedroom so I cant leave the room without looking at it. Some of my goals are going back to Paul Mitchell to take the learning leader course, 20 books, visit my best friend Heather in Kentucky at least 3 times, and at least 75% organic meal plan by end of year. These are just a few of the full page I made! 

~Lastly remember the good times and the bad of 2013. Write it all out! get it out of you. Make a scrap book out of it! Full of pictures, doodles, mementos, anything 2013 left you with. Especially include things you learned and things you are thankful for. When you are older you will really appreciate that you did this.

Make sure to check out Rachel's blog and sign up for her email subscription! Tell me about your new years rituals in the comments! Remember this is going to be a amazing year full of adventures, growing and learning, so don't let anything stand in your way. 
Everything's going to be alright. :D


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