Monday, December 16, 2013

My Routine - How I appreciate myself daily

I read this today and was reminded how important routine has been to me in the last year. It has helped keep balanced in my very random life, making sure I take time out to take care of myself and push towards better health and a better chance at a cancer free future. This is something that will always be a work in progress.
I'm hoping by sharing this it will keep me focused on my adventures of getting healthier mentally and psychically. Maybe it can even inspire some of you! Even better, hopefully you can inspire me by posting your daily, weekly, or even monthly ways you love yourselves in the comments!

-I take my time getting up. I don't just jump out of bed. So depending on what I have planned for the day, I almost always give myself a extra hour. I like to take my time in the morning. Enjoy waking up, not dreading jumping out of bed onto a cold floor.

- I always start with a quick protein filled breakfast. My favorites are greek yogurt, protein drink, small spinach and tomato omelets, or smoothie. 

-Drink more water - This has been a struggle for the last year, but the plan is to start with 2 full glasses of water in my fancy new dollar store cup! hopefully be up to 3 glasses in a month.
To help with the drinking more water goal I make it flavored. In winter I drink hot tea. Green tea is my favorite because its cleansing and tasty. In summer I make cold tea. Green and raspberry tea are my favorite.

-Than its 30+ minutes of my personal yoga routine. I custom made myself a routine that would help stretch all of me, but especially get the really tense areas, over worked areas. I highly suggest yoga. This is my favorite part of the day. I feel like I'm really loving and taking care of myself. It took me a while to really figure out what I was even doing. I went to classes. But none were really touched on what I felt I wanted out of yoga. The few one on one sessions I took helped the most, because it was focused on my peace and healing. So I decided to custom make myself a yoga routine for every day and I've been in love with yoga ever since. Thank you Pinterest! It's relaxing but I make sure it also pushes me farther. My balance has improved tremendously, it has strengthened my arms and wrist, my body is more relaxed and I get to keep my cute figure. "Regular exercise appears to lower breast cancer risk by about 10 to 20 percent" - from the Komen Breast Cancer site. :) 
If you want help with or ideas for your at home yoga routine, I'm not a trained professional (yet,) but I've helped others and I love researching and learning about yoga. It was so much fun making mine! Message me or leave a comment!

-Followed by 15 minutes of meditation, silence and peace. I'm still very new and struggling at this but I see and feel a small difference in my day. I think everyone needs a mental break. Shut everything out and just be. Just breathe. 
Here is my favorite mediation routine. (found this on Pinterest!)
I am a mountain and my thoughts are clouds. 

The day continues..

-So I don't get over whelmed I usually put together to-do list of the day ahead. I promise these help when you need to get things done and  feel like you have to much to do! Write it all down and start working on it so you can cross things off! Its the simple things like crossing out a task, that can make us feel accomplished.

-I attempt to get as much sun as possible. In the summer this is easy.. I do my yoga outside, I hula hoop or go for walks.. I find many excuses to get sun. In the winter this is much harder, especially on over cast days, or days you work all morning. :( these days I set up my yoga mat by a window with light coming in, Take a short walk or just sit and read by the light of the window. 

-If I didn't have a Smoothie for breakfast I usually have one for lunch. I pack it full of healthy fruits and veggies. Good pick me up mid day. My favorite easy kick starter one is bananas, raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, kiwi, spinach, milk, honey, and greek yogurt. One of these smoothies a day ensures I am getting my fruit serving in, plus they taste amazing!

-I try to always fit in a hour of reading but usually I go over. :) Whether it's reading a book, a articles, or blog. I read something every day. I love to read articles and books about things I know nothing about. Keeps your mind flowing. :) 
Always feel free to recommend me something new to read! Blogs, books, anything!

-Which also goes with learning something new everyday. I love learning. I think its important to learn one new thing a day if you can. I'm not saying learn quantum physics in a day(but you could get started ;D), learn about a new place or a new hobby. Keep life interesting!

-I block out at least a hour for writing. Like I am doing right now! I keep a note book near me at all times. I believe it's very important to write in any form every day! Lay out your true feeling on paper, write about your dreams. Poems, blogs, stories, lyrics, journal.. Just write!!
*Journal page doodle!

- When I have extra time in the day, I Go through my Pinterest and look for inspiration. I try to create something new. Whether it's upcycling old things, creating new tasty meal, or a new way to store something. If you can do this once a week or month that is still good for your soul. Pinterest has so many tutorials and ideas, there has to be something you always wanted to try. Check out my Creating/DIY Pinterest board HERE for more ideas!

-I always squeeze in time to listen to my favorite music everyday. It's healing for the heart. It can really set the mood or even change the mood for you. I love music. It's always been there for me. Every bad day, every yoga session, every road trip. :) I have my Spotify starred list! If you don't have Spotify, check it out HERE! I love it! It helps you find new music so easily.

-Everyone needs to eat more greens daily! My favorites are steamed broccoli and super peas, grilled cheese with avocado slices, or more spinach in my salad. Its become very important to me to lessen my chances of getting cancer since I am at high risk. Greens are a great way to do that and energizes you, high in vitamins, and boosts your immune system! Lots of bonus'!

-There is always time to snuggle with the animals! MAKE TIME! Never fails to make me feel better about my day!     *Even durning yoga!

Night time!
-Pamper my whole bodyIn winter I use my home made lip scrub - which contains honey, coconut oil, sugar, and peppermint essential oil. Leaves my lips feeling super soft and smooth. I also have a home made lip balm. Which is made of grape seed oil, coconut oil, 100% organic beeswax, and vitamin E oil. Both were inspired by reading many many other peoples recipes! I love the DIY organic revolution going on! So many great ideas and recipes out there! If you want to know more about the scrub or balm I made, or have inspiration for even better lip treatments, please leave a comment! 

Massage scalp because it ain't easy being curly headed! ;)
In the winter my skin is dryer, so I use more lotion. My less expensive favorite alternative (since my favorite lotion addiction is Body Shop's strawberry body butter,) is 100% coconut oil. My favorite spa like thing to do is use it on my legs and feet, than put on thick knee high socks to keep the oil locked in. This heals my dry skin and makes my legs and feet so soft and smooth.

-I like to end my day by writing it all out. Some times I write down what's troubling me so I can get it out of my head which helps sleep come easier. I also write about thing things that made me happy during the day and the things I'm thankful for. I have been thinking about starting a gratitude journal, but I'm not sure how I want to do it or where to start. If you have a gratitude journal please share your ideas. :)

I am not to saying you should do all these things every day, these are just my ideas for a better day and a better future. :) My routine is ever changing depending on the season, mood, and what the day brings. And I don't punish myself when I don't do everything I intended, I just push harder to fit it in the next day or two. Hope I could inspire you to start a routine or add something new to your day!

Whats your routine? How do you love yourself daily? Or tell me about the routine you are working on!


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